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02 августа 2014, в 00:12
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    July 2014: Now includes scanning for Fake ID vulnerability!

    The Bluebox Security Scanner will scan your device to determine:
    - If your system is vulnerable or patched to any of the "Fake ID" or "Master Key" security flaws affecting most Android devices
    - If your system settings allow 'Untrusted Sources' application installs
    - If any installed application on your device is trying to maliciously take advantage of any of the 'Master Key' security flaws
Further details of the Android "Fake ID" and "Master Key" security flaws are available at:

    Effectively addressing a vulnerability requires three steps:
    1) Google produces a generic code fix
    2) Android phone manufacturers then incorporate that fix into a firmware update for various phones
    3) Carriers then distribute the final update, which ensures your phone is safe

    As regards Fake ID, Google has provided the generic code fix to the phone manufacturers who are working with the carriers to distribute the updates. This scanner will help track when that finally happens. Alternatively, contact customer support at your phone manufacturer or carrier a realtime update.

    Дополнительная информация
    Требуемая версия Android: 2.3.3 или более поздняя
    Требуемые системные разрешения:
    • Доступ к интернету
    • Позволяет приложениям получать доступ к информации о сети
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