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    Play our Deal or No Deal game and beat the odds - and the bank. There is no real money involved, so have fun and see how far you can push your luck!

    Each suitcase contains a sum of money. The amounts in the suitcases are listed at the side of the game screen. As you open each suitcase, it disappears and its amount is shaded in on the side lists.

    First choose one numbered suitcase from the 26 on offer. This becomes 'your' suitcase and it is moved, unopened, to the bottom left-hand corner of the game screen.

    In each round of the Deal or No Deal game you must select more suitcases; six in round one, five in round two, etc. The suitcases are opened as you click on them and the amount in each suitcase is shaded in on the lists at the side.

    These amounts are now out of play and cannot be won.

    At the end of each round, the Banker makes you an offer based on the amounts of money that may still be won. You decide whether to accept the offer or not - Deal or No Deal!

    If you decline the Banker's offer at the end of each round, the game continues with you choosing more suitcases to view. When only two suitcases remain, one in the main board and 'your' suitcase up in bottom-left corner, you open 'your' suitcase and find out if you managed to beat the bank.

    If you accept the Banker's offer at the end of any round, you may continue to play to the end and find out if you were wise to accept when you did, if the amount in 'your' suitcase was higher or lower than the bank's offer or whether the Banker may have made a more generous offer later on.

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