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    Material Manager is a new File Manager developed by the Inspire Android dev team.
    This file manager has been made of with the new and innovative material design by Google.

    Access with ease to your documents, music, photos and videos, and your personal files. With Material Manager you can move, copy and delete your files and thanks to the navigation menu you can move extremely quickly through your folders. Root access can be enabled through settings!

    - Awesome material design
    - Abilities to extract rar, zip, 7z archives
    - Abilities to create zip archives
    - Copy, cut and delete your files and documents
    - Custom shortcuts
    - Preview of apk files with app name and version
    - Easy to use and user friendly interface

    In the PRO version of Material Manager, available in the settings, you can also choose the colors of the interface and enable the advanced cards ui!

    Material Manager is compatible with the new Android 5 (Lollipop) and and brings with it a new conception of the file manager.

    Let us know with reviews or through our web references how we can improve our new File Manager.
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    Дополнительная информация
    Требуемая версия Android: 4.0.3 или более поздняя
    • Доступ к интернету
    • Позволяет писать на карты памяти
    • Позволяет добавлять ярлыки на главный экран
    • Позволяет читать с карты памяти
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    Скачивание небезопасных файлов для этого приложения заблокировано, ссылки на разработчика тоже
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