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08 марта 2015, в 08:45
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    Moved by the pure love hidden in the romantic roses on Valentine´s Day, feel the unforgetable moments with your beloved him or her. All shall be well, Jack shall have Jill.
    Pure love Theme is designed to decorate for your keyboard.
    ★ Notice ★
    The theme pack is only available for Emoji Keyboard-color,emoticons.
    Click here to install
    Download this theme ,and then go to Emoji Keyboard-color,emoticons 's theme page to use it .
    ★ Learn about Emoji Keyboard--color,emoticons ★
    Emoji Keyboard Pro is a new version for Android which contains multiple themes, fonts, sounds, and other screaming new functions. It’s free for all users and it’s quick to download. The new features will definitely give you a surprise,especially the fabulous customization function.
    Highlights of Emoji Keyboard Pro: 
    ★Fast and convenient input of thousands of emojis, emoticons, stickers, smileys and text faces everywhere.
    ★Customizable press sound, keyboard color, font, wallpaper and layout. Anything you want.
    ★Colorful themes - Over 30 beautiful themes and continuing to increase.
    ★Smart auto-correction and smart word-suggestion.
    ★Over 30 dictionaries of all major languages.
    And lots of convenient features are prepared for you!
    Some telephones’ inicial keyboards can not see the colorful emojis because the system is not compatible, but in some certain third-party apps it’s OK.
    If you want to learn more about Emoji Keyboard--color,emoticons,click here:
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