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    ★★★ Written specifically for SAMSUNG phones ★★★

    Have you ever wanted to know the Country of Origin behind the label 'MADE BY SAMSUNG'? When the phone was manufactured? How frequently the phone was used? How many times it has been connected to the Charger? Do you want to know the Knox Warranty Void status without entering to the ODIN Download Mode?... Then this app is for you.

    ☆ Facebook:
    ☆ XDA thread:

    ★ 'Secret Codes'
    - List all of Samsung secret codes (HiddenMenu) on your device. Note: You may need ROOT to launch secret codes (use 'Launch 0' method).

    ★ 'Firmware Browser'
    - Browse for the stock firmwares available online, for your phone and for any other Samsung model.
    - View firmware's details, and redirect to the website for the download link.

    ★ 'Other Tools'

    - 'CSC Changer': Change the CSC. WARNING: Changing the CSC will Factory Reset your device (wipe all user data). This tool requires root + multi-CSC stock firmware.

    - 'CSC Verifier': It is Samsung built-in tool. Requires root + stock firmware.

    - 'ServiceMode MAIN MENU': It is Samsung built-in tool. Requires root + stock firmware.

    - 'S/N Decoder': Obtain information about Country of Origin and Manufacturing Date from Samsung serial number. You can enter serial number from ANY Samsung phone (including OLD phone, FEATURE phone and NON-SMART phone).

    - 'IMEI Analyzer': Check the IMEI for the validity by calculating the Check Digit (according to Luhn algorithm).

    ★ 'Refurbishment Check'
    - Supports ALL Samsung models (formerly '[Note 3] Fake / Clone Detector').
    - 'Device Usage Counter'

    ★ 'CSC Code Lookup' (CSC - Consumer Software Customization, aka Sales Code, or Region Code)
    You can search for the CSC code (e.g. XME or BTU), or the country/network name (e.g. Malaysia or Vodafone...).

    ★ Main Features: Displays the following information about your phone.

    - Manufacturer / Brand
    - Phone Model
    - Device Type
    - Product Name
    - Country of Origin
    - Manufacturing Date
    - Knox Warranty Void
    - Mobile Operator Name / Mobile Network Code

    ▪ CSC INFO:
    - Original CSC Code
    - Firmware's CSC Code
    - Active CSC Code
    - CSC Country
    - CSC Country ISO
    - CSC Product Code

    ▪ DEVICE ID:
    - IMEI
    - Samsung Serial Number

    - Bootloader Version
    - Baseband Version
    - PDA Version
    - CSC Version
    - Kernel Version

    ▪ OS INFO:
    - Changelist
    - Build Number
    - Build Fingerprint
    - Build Description
    - Build Date
    - Android Version

    - Colour / Internal Storage
    - Hardware / Board
    - Platform / Chip
    - Modem Board
    - Hardware Revision
    - Total RAM
    - Screen (physical size in inches, resolution in pixels)
    - Battery (technology, capacity in mAh, health)

    - Headset Connect Counter
    - Charger Connect Counter (root required)
    - S Pen Detach Counter (root required)

    Please be noted that S Pen Detach Counter is available for Galaxy Note series only.

    NOTE: This app works properly with the Stock Firmware. On Custom ROM some info may not show correctly.

    Now users can choose to use this ad-supported version or a donated (Plus) version.
    For those who have donated to me, you can still update this app without ads.
    But if you uninstall it and re-install again, you can not enter the donation key anymore.
    In that case you can purchase the Plus version, then tell me your Order number so I can do the refund for you.

    ☆☆☆ Ability to Remove Ads and Export info to the SD Card (Plus version only) ☆☆☆

    Дополнительная информация
    Требуемая версия Android: 2.1 или более поздняя
    Требуемые системные разрешения:
    • Позволяет узнать текущее состояние телефона (идет разговор или нет)
    • Использование приблизительного определения местонахождения при помощи вышек сотовой связи или точек
    • Позволяет приложениям получать доступ к информации о сети
    • Позволяет получить состояние сети
    • Доступ к интернету
    • Позволяет писать на карты памяти
    • Позволяет читать с карты памяти
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