Whack Your Neighbour

30 июля 2015, в 17:18
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    5 New Kills Coming Shortly Exclusive to Mobile!
    > We haven't quiet done with the annoying neighbour just yet, so if you thought 27 ways to murder your neighbour was an overkill we have plenty more to come! The 5 new mobile exclusive kills should be due out early August and we will keep you posted.

    > We are also considering a Christmas update for the game too, to help you relieve all that stress brought on by obligatory Christmas present buying! More to come on this potential update soon.

    Improvements Pending:
    > Skip intro button
    > Skip kill animation button
    > Easier combo kill function - tap as many times as you like to find the second object without the first cancelling. Manual cancel can be used instead if you give up.

    Comments from Big YouTube Gamers

    'A lot more gruesome than the other ones.'
    'That's not how science works, although i'm glad it does because that was amazing'
    'I know this game is nasty but Jesus that was a bad one'.

    'Oh goddddd, that was horrible, everything is so horrible'
    'Another horrible adventure into the cruelty of man'

    'This game is quite cool you know'
    'Who the hell has that in the garden'
    'Oh s**t, oh s**t, that was so sinister'

    Please note: this game is for people 18 years and over as it contains scenes of graphic cartoon violence.

    Have you ever had a dispute with a neighbour or had to endure living next to the biggest weirdo, creep, noisy jerk or generally despicable person? Then this is the game for you and for all those who enjoy a good fix of animated murder and revenge.

    27 Ways to Exact Revenge on Your Neighbour:

    Choose one of 27 ways to Whack Your Neighbour with all sorts of typical garden tools and objects at your disposal. Can you find all the ways to shut your neighbour up once and for all?

    You can enjoy everything the game has to offer completely free with no in-app purchases.

    Fully featured and comical murder scenes await those who have a dark sense of humour. Some scenes are inspired by movie scenes, other's are just plain common sense! Get whacking your neighbour now...

    Дополнительная информация
    Требуемая версия Android: 2.2 или более поздняя
    • Доступ к интернету
    • Позволяет писать на карты памяти
    • Позволяет приложения получать доступ к информации о состоянии WiFi
    • Позволяет узнать текущее состояние телефона (идет разговор или нет)
    • Позволяет работать при выключенном или заблокированном экране
    • Позволяет приложениям получать доступ к информации о сети
    • Позволяет получить доступ к списку учетных записей
    • Использование вибрации
    • Использование приблизительного определения местонахождения при помощи вышек сотовой связи или точек
    • Позволяет приложению определить окончание загрузки системы
    • Позволяет открывать всплаыващие окна
    • Позволяет добавлять ярлыки на главный экран
    • Позволяет читать с карты памяти
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